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Composite Body Trailers are no where similar to Semi-Monocoque Frame design trailers.
Our company designs and fabricates custom composite bodies for Off-Road competition.  Composite construction is perfect for racing applications where a silhouette body creates the appearance of a production vehicle.  These bodies do not support the suspension, they do not protect the occupants in the event of a crash, no that job is left up to a mandated steel chassis, exactly the same construction technique as Off-Road Internationals engineers used when designing the Tough Terrain Trailer. 
DO NOT be fooled by fiberglass tubs set on a ladder frame that claim this is "How Baja Racers are Built", it is no where similar and Off-Road Internationals personnel should know, as vehicles we have built compete in SCORE International and have won the SCORE Championship.  These cheap tub trailers have the engineering of a shower stall (same stuff) and when they try to compare the "Field Serviceability" or crack repair, we can tell you that none of our trailers have ever cracked, so thousands of off-rod miles, zero failures, there is no comparison.  Off-Road International has a superior product period!!   This is due to our engineering.  We have computers and they aid us in our design, but our design is arrived at by people with enormous experience in vehicles traversing the most brutal terrain and a formal education in Engineering and Physics.


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The 3-axis swiveling hitch allows you to traverse uneven terrain without having any damage to the hitch.   We feel the Tough Terrain Trailer is the worlds best and most highly developed off road trailer.  The technique used is known as a stressed skin semi-monocoque construction stands it apart from all other off road trailers.  This technique makes for a light weight trailer which is many times stronger than a ladder frame design.   Utilizing computer aided design and finite element analysis, our staff has created a trailer that can withstand the rigors of traversing the outback without a whimper.   Our trailer is built on precision surface plates, the same as our race car chassis, this insures that the trailer does not distort during the fabrication process.  They are welded by certified welders that are members of the American Welding Society.   Our designers are members of the Society of Automotive engineering and are the same group that designs/fabricates race cars for customers such as, the Legendary Carroll Shelby who demand only the best.
Each trailer is built with the same perfection that we put in our championship winning race cars.  The tongue is an excellent place to look when determining the strength of a trailers design.  When designing our trailer we used the same finite element analysis methods we employ on our off road racers to determine the best chassis layout and optimal strength to weight ratio.  The area between the box and the tow vehicle hitch is subject to bending load that can be greatly increased momentarily by the sometimes very violent action of traversing rough terrain.  Knowing this, we have reinforced the square tube with stiffeners from the hitch past the triangulated section.   This alone added much more rigidity.  The next area to be addressed was the stress created where the box meets the tongue.  The three tubes at this point are sufficient to support the weight, but do show a measure of deflection when shock loads are introduced.  While this would show no sign of problems at first, it would after being cycled many times create fatigue in the metal, eventually cracking and worst case completely failing.  To prevent this fatigue we incorporated a 1020 dom round diagonal tube from the top of our semi-monocoque down to the triangulated area.  This tube triangulates the tongue in beaming load, completes the structure and greatly increases the strength in this area.  Each area of the trailer has been evaluated with the same methods to create the best trailer so it will last years in a harsh environment.  While these trailers are not our only product, they are equally important to us and we take great extremes to insure that the Tough Terrain is the best.
The original Tough Terrain Trailer was designed/fabricated for our own personal use.  We also we concerned about the durability and ruggedness needed for an off road trailer, that is why we chose to build our own.  We have tested our Tough Terrain Trailer for 13 years now and we have trailers from New Hampshire on the East to California on the West and have never had one failure.  Now that you know more about my trailer than you ever hoped to know, you must realize that this is why I have enjoyed my trailer for the past 17 years.  I know you will enjoy yours too.  If you have any further questions, please let us know.

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